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34th Air Division (Defense) Regulation No. 200-1

  Intelligence: Reporting of Information on Unidentified Flying Objects, Dated 9 May 1952 - (Posted 27-MAR-2000)

1957 CIA memo on a UFO detection

  The memo, dated the 21st of September 1957, concerns the radar detection of a UFO over the state of New York. It mentions interest in UFO at the very high level Intelligence Advisory Committee (IAC), and what is possibly electromagnetic interference with multiple radars coincident with detection of a UFO. - (Posted 27-September-1998)

4602d AISS Unit History - CUFON Document Sampler No.1

  A sampler of items from the unit history of the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron, Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado,(includes all UFO-related items). Broken into 7 parts, chose the link below to download all 7 parts.   (Posted ____  )

5004th AISS Unit History - CUFON Document Sampler No.3

  A sample of items from the unit history of the 5004th Air Intelligence Service Squadron, attached to the Alaskan Air Command. Contains ALL UFO-related items from the unit history 1952 - 1959  (Posted ____  )

Air Force Letter (AFL) 200-5 (HTML)
AFL 200-5 (PDF)

  Air Force Letter AFL 200-5, UFO reporting requirements preceding AFR 200-2
(Posted 27-MAR-1992)
(.PDF version Posed 06-March-2004)

Air Force Manual 55-11 (AFM 55-11)

  Operations - Air force Operational Reporting System - 20 May 1968
(Posted 22-June-2000)

Air Force Regulation (AFR) 55-88

(Posted 18-March-2000)

Air Force Regulation 80-17 (AFR 80-17) dated 26 October 1968

  Air Force Regulation AFR 80-17 -  Replaced AFR 200-2 in September, 1966.
(Posted 17-AUGUST-1991)

Air Force Regulation (AFR) 200-2.TXT

  The famous Air Force Regulation 200-2 (AFR 200-2). This version dated 12 August 1954 is after the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron (4602d AISS) was brought in to assist ATIC with preliminary and field UFO investigations.  (Posted _____ )

Air Force Regulation (AFR)200-3.PDF

  Reporting Vital Sightings from Aircraft, another of the Intelligence regulations governing reporting in accordance with Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146 (JANAP 146).
Two versions are presented: 2-July-1952 and 13-May-1955. (Posted 17-Dec-2000)

Air Force Regulation (AFR) 205-1 dated 15 Dec 1953

  Air Force Regulation (AFR) 205-1: "SECURITY: Safeguarding Military Information," Dated 15 December 1953, prescribes policies and procedures for identifying, classifying, and protecting official information which required safeguarding in the interests of the defense of the United States. These procedures applied throughout the Air Force.
Posted 29-DEC-2000.

Adobe Portable Document (.PDF) version of AFR 205-1 in two parts:

PART 1 and PART 2

HTML version                                                                                 AFR 205-1.ZIP

Air Force Regulation (AFR) 205-2 dated 19 May 1955

  Air Force Regulation (AFR) 205-2: "SECURITY: Laws, Executive Orders, Etc., Pertaining to Safeguarding Military Information" dated 19 May 1955.  Lists authorities for USAF secrecy regulations
(Posted 29-DEC-2000)

Adobe Portable Document (.PDF) version of AFR 205-2:

HTML version                                                                              AFR 205-2.ZIP

1947 German Letter mentioning Roswell & Brig. General Roger Ramey

Letter to American Ambassador written same month as Roswell crash & mentions Roswell and Brig. General Roger Ramey. Unfortunately, it will not break the case. From a May 1995 FOIA release from a military intelligence agency's secret files held 46 years. Apparently based in newspaper reports of Roswell. (Posted 28-May-1995)

CUFON Document Sampler No. 2 - Declassified 1952 CIA UFO-related documents - Part 1  
Part 2

  A sampler of UFO-related documents declassified and released by the Central Intelligence Agency. These selected documents are from the year 1952 only which is considered by many to be a watershed year in the modern UFO era.
Corrections provided by researcher Brad Sparks added 23-Mar-2004 - J. Klotz

USAF 1956 Air Intelligence Digest article mentioning René Couzinet

  USAF Air Intelligence Digest article mentioning René Couzinet’s Circular Planform, VTOL Aircraft (France).  - February 1956, Volume 9, Number 2

CUFON Document Sampler Number 4

  Comprising extracts from: The (USAF) Inspector General Brief, The Aircraft Flash, Official GOC Magazine, and the Air Intelligence Training Bulletin.  Material provided to CUFON by Jan Aldrich.  Posted 07-FEB-2000

Executive Order 12356 - National Security Information

  Executive Order 12356 National Security Information - establishes secrecy classifications.
(Posted  _____ )

Executive Order 12937 - "Declassification of Selected Records

  Executive Order 12937, "Declassification of Selected Records Within the Archives of the United States", with small comment. (Posted 09-JAN-1995)

Executive Order 12958 - "Classified National Security Information"

  This file combines two files obtained from The White House in electronic form. The first file is "HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER ON CLASSIFIED NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION" followed by the text of Executive Order 12958 itself.   This Executive order supercedes Executive Order No. 12356 of April 6, 1982 which previously governed the classification program. (Posted _____ )

FBI file on Dr. James McDonald

  At least part of the files the Federal Bureau of Information is maintaining on investigations of Dr. James McDonald, the famous outspoken "establishment" scientist who had a keen interest in in UFO. (Posted 1-January-1999)

The Flying Disc - 1952 USAF Air Intelligence Digest article

  An article from the December, 1954 issue of the United States Air Force Air Intelligence Digest (AID) titled "The Flying Disc." Came to our attention as mentioned in the Project Silver Bug report refers to a circular planform aircraft development program of A.V. Roe Co. of Canada.  (Posted 29-September-1998)
UPDATE - 24-June-2000  Added an Office of Naval Intelligence document which mentions the AID article - provided by Jan Aldrich of Project-1947.

"How to make FLYOBRPTS" - 1953 USAF ATIC guide to UFO reporting

  68 page Air Technical Intelligence Center guide titled HOW TO MAKE FLYOBRPTS is among the papers of Edward Ruppelt, head of Project Grudge (later renamed Blue Book) from 1951 through 1953 and author of the seminal UFO work The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (Doubleday, 1956.) Written in 1953, this guide was intended for US Air Force intelligence officers and others who might have to make UFO reports.
Provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) - (Posted 21-Dec 2000)

 Interrogatories from Frederick M. Olsen v. NSA lawsuit

  Text of interrogatories from Frederick M. Olsen v. NSA lawsuit, and text of "UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions," with small comment by CUFON SYSOP.

FBI document explaining Freedom Of Information Act exemptions

  FBI document which explains the meaning of the deletion codes placed on information deleted from documents released under FOIA; FOIA law. (Posted 3-MAR-1993)

US Army Intelligence SOP document on FOIA requests for Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

  Comment by CUFON SYSOP on a lengthy FOIA effort to obtain records of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit of the Scientific and Technical Branch, Counterintelligence Directorate, Department of the Army during which "cookie cutter" FOIA responses were received from an Army SOP document, we suspect without proper searches being made. Includes relevant page from SOP document.  (Posted _____ )

Several official documents mentioning Foo Fighters or like phenomena during WWII

  The text of several official documents mentioning Foo-Fighters and Foo-Fighter-like phenomena, provided to CUFON by Barry Greenwood. Often mentioned as predating the Arnold sighting of June 1947, seldom however, is documentary evidence presented. These documents provide a dramatic insight into the "UFOs" of the Second World War.
(Posted 09-September-1998)

General Accounting Office report to Rep Steven Schiff on search for Roswell records

  This is the GAO report to Representative Steven Schiff (R NM) regarding the search for records related to the "Roswell incident" - (Posted _____ )

GAO letter summarizing what several agencies told GAO about "MJ12"

  This letter was included at the end of the GAO report "Government Records: Results of a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, New Mexico".  It summarizes what some agencies told the GAO they knew about "MJ-12".
(Posted 15-AUG-1995.)

JANP146C - 1954 Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146(C) CIRVIS

  JANAP 146(C) - Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146(C) - Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Airborne and Waterborne Sources.  Dated March 10, 1954 - (Posted _____ )

JANP146E - 1966 Canadian - United States CIRVIS Instruction

  JANAP 146(E), Canadian - United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings, is an unclassified non-registered publication prepared under the direction of the Canadian Defence Staff and the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff for Canadian and United States Joint use. Dated 31 March 1966 - (Posted _____ )

JANAP146E - 1977  Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP 146(E)

  Complete text of: Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP 146(E)), Canadian - United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS/MERINT) as released on February 28, 1994 including "change No. 2", promulgated May 17, 1977 .  (Posted 2-April-1994)

FBI documents relating to investigation of "MJ-12 papers"

  FBI Declares "MJ-12 Paper' BOGUS. FOIA release FBI HQ (Washington DC) and FBI Dallas documents re FBI investigation ... (or non-investigation) of the possible release of classified information in the guise of the "MJ-12 paper". (Posted 29-AUG-1993)

 Kinross AFB F-89C aircraft mishap report - 23 November 1953

  USAF Safety Agency Mishap report on the famous Kinross missing plane case.  As fasr as we know, no confirmed wreckage or remains of the 2-man crew have been found to this day.
(Posted ____ )

Kennedy Space Center NASA Management Instruction KMI 8610.4

  John F. Kennedy Space Center NASA Management Instruction KMI 8610.4, 
Processing Reports of Sightings of Space Vehicle Fragments  (Posted 13-APR-1997)

MOGUL - Report of Air Force Research Regarding the "Roswell Incident"

  Report of Air Force Research Regarding the "Roswell Incident"
"final Air Force report related to the Roswell matter, for the GAO, or any other inquiries." - (Posted 21-FEB-1995)

MOON DUST Reporting - USAF Intelligence Guidance Collection Letter No.4, 25 April 1961

  This USAF Intelligence Collection Guidance Letter, originally classified Confidential, describes and provides guidance for project Moon Dust reporting.
Posted: 16-December-2003

This document in Portable Document Format (.PDF)

NORAD Instruction 35-17 - "Processing Requests for NORAD Records"

  NORAD Instruction 35-17  Processing Requests for NORAD Records  Instructions pertaining to requests for information. (NORAD, as a bi-national agency, is not subject to the provisions of the US Freedom of Information Act.)   (Posted 30-Dec-1996)

Technical Development -Report No, 180, May 1953

  Technical analysis of radar "blips" in the Washington DC area (and other areas) in the summer of 1952.  Recall that the "Washington Nationals" UFO sightings were mainly on July 26, 1952.  This reports ignores these sightings and concludes that anomalous "blips" during that time were weather related.

HTML version - Posted 22-May-1999)     .PDF version (Posted 14-June-2002)

O'Brien Panel report - Special Report of the 1966 USAF Scientific Advisory Ad Hoc Committee to review Project Blue Book

  Few people have heard of the 1966 "USAF Scientific Advisory Board Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book" commonly known as the O'Brien Committee. Fewer still have read the "Special Report" of the O'Brien Committee, and understand its place in UFO history.

Robertson Panel - 1953 Report of Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects

  Report of Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects, Convened by Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA -  January 14 - 18, 1953, and three associated "Tabs" as released by the Central Intelligence Agency late 1994. This file contains the text of a document known variably and interchangeably as "The Durant Report" or "The Robertson Report."
(Posted _____ )

Robertson Panel - 1956 DOD restatement of Panel proceedings and conclusions

  Department of Defense (USAF) Restatement of the Proceedings and Conclusions of the Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects (commonly known as the Robertson Panel) Probably written in 1956 and  released in 1979, but is a little-known document.
(Posted 7-August-1998)

Project SILVERBUG - Report on Project Silver Bug, ATIC Report No. TR-AC-47 (HTML)

  The Project SILVERBUG report.  Joint Wright Air Development Center - Air Technical Intelligence Center Report on Project Silver Bug, Technical Report No. TR-AC-47, project No. 9961, dated 15-Feb-1955.  Presents technical data on A. V. Roe, Canada, Limited, proposed development project (probably Project Y2.) - (Posted May 1, 1998)
First brought to CUFON"s attention by Mr. James Hartman of Griffith, IN.
Zipped file of Project Silver Bug Report

Project Silver Bug Report in .PDF format - (Posted 14-June-2002)

State Department UFO Reports - range from 1973 to 1994

  Text of several UFO reports reviewed and released 7 Feb 2000, ranging in date between November 1973 and January 1994 - (Posted 29-March-2000)

.PDF Version - (1.9 MB)  posted 07-June-2002 

Seven status reports for Project STORK

  Text of "Seven Status Reports for Project Stork" from the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, (NARA). (Posted 19-MAY-1994)

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