CUFON Document Sampler No. 4

Comprising several extracts from official bulletins and magazines

These web pages present extracts from:

  • The (USAF) Inspector General Brief
  • The Aircraft Flash, Official GOC Magazine
  • Air Intelligence Training Bulletin
     (Directorate of Intelligence, Continental Air Command)

27-January-2000 - The materials in this CUFON Document Sampler were kindly provided by Jan Aldrich of Project 1947.  Jan located and obtained these items at Maxwell AFB, Alabama in 1998.

The publications from which these articles are extracted were informational bulletins and range in date from 1951 through 1966.  The content and tone of the UFO-related articles varies quite a bit - from serious exhortations to comply with USAF regulations directing the UFO program, to an  almost derisive suggestion that only overly emotional people see UFOs.

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The (USAF) Inspector General Brief:

The Aircraft Flash - Official G.O.C. Magazine (Ground Observer Corps)

Air Intelligence Training Bulletin - 20 Feb 1951 - "Recognition of Flying Saucers"


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