FILENAME: AHUIS.TXT                              DATE: 28-MAY-1995

In late 1994, a group of documents were declassified and released to us by a 
military intelligence agency.  To the best of our knowledge, we were the first 
researchers to receive this particular packet of documents.  The packet was 
sent to us unexpectedly in reply to a FOIA request we thought was "dead".  
There were a few pages withheld for classification review by agencies other 
than the one which sent the packet. 

In May 1995, we received several of the pages which had previously been 
withheld.  Among these few was the document a copy of which is included in this 

It is a letter written the same month as the Roswell crash specifically  
mentioning Roswell and Brig. General Roger Ramey.  This, in itself, makes this 
document important.  ANY genuine document which mentions Roswell by name, and 
is contemporary with the crash itself, is a rare thing. 

We do not claim that there is anything more here than a letter; nothing more 
than it appears: a person used newspaper reports of the Roswell incident in an 
attempt to leave occupied Germany and obtain travel to the United States.  

We decided to immediately issue the newly discovered document.  On May 22, 
1995, the Statement below and photocopies of the document itself were sent to: 

        Representative Steven Schiff
        Mr. Walter Andrus, MUFON
        Vicki Cooper-Ecker & Don Ecker, UFO Magazine
        Mr. Stanton Friedman
        Mr. Stan Gordon, PASU
        Mr. Barry Greenwood, CAUS
        Mr. Richard Hall, FUFOR
        Mr. Christian Lambright
        Capt. Kevin Randle, USAF (Ret.)
        Mr. Mark Rodeghier, CUFOS
        Dr. Jacques Vallee

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                          Statement Concerning the
   Letter from Heinz-Adalbert Ahuis to the US Embassy Dated July 16th, 1947.

10-MAY-1995  We are writing to relate some news.  We have just received a FOIA 
records release which contains a document mentioning Roswell and Brig. General 
Roger Ramey.  Unfortunately, it will not break the case, but it is interesting. 

Brief Comment

This letter was among a group of papers released together, some few of which 
were letters making various claims related to "flying disks" or "flying 
saucers".  Desire to obtain passage from occupied Germany to the United States 
via these claims appears as a common theme of these letters.  The enclosed 
letter appears to be no different in this regard.. 

The American Embassy forwarded the letter to The Office of Political Affairs, 
Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.).  It was then sent on to the 
Office of the Director for Intelligence, Counter Intelligence Section, who 
passed it to the U.S. Army Deputy Director of Intelligence at European Command, 

The first paragraph of the letter notes that Mr. Ahuis has "read much about the 
so-called 'flying disks'", in "American and German papers".  The newspapers are 
presumably the sole source of Mr. Ahuis' knowledge of the Roswell crash.  The 
letter was written about two weeks after the (disputed date) of the 1947 
incident.  At that time, newspaper articles about the Roswell recovery and the 
weather balloon story could still have been fresh in Mr. Ahuis' mind. 

This would appear to relegate this letter to the status of a sidelight on the 
Roswell issue. 

The wording of the letter in two places, however, might possibly indicate that 
it is something more than is indicated on the surface. 

The usage, "disquieting your publicity", is interesting.  Indeed, "public 
relations" was a major factor in the actions of the military and intelligence 
communities regarding UFO.  This was not common knowledge in 1947. 

"I am very skeptically as to the "calming-explanation" of Brigadier General 
Roger Ramey and others, who say that these disks are merely meteorological 
observation-balloons - or supplements to them - , etc."  This statement is 
prophetic for those who believe that General Ramey's weather balloon was/is a 
cover for something more exotic. 

The document may be what it seems, or something more.  But the fact remains 
that it is a document contemporary with the Roswell crash.  It was held for 46 
years in the secret files of a military intelligence agency. 

Copy Ahuis letter

                /s/                                        /s/

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Heinz-Adalbert Ahuis                Asnabruck, July 16th, 1947
(23) Asnabruck, Hansa-Str. 7
Germany, British Zone


Strongly Secret!
Subject:  "Flying Discs".
Dear Excellency:

     Last few weeks in American and German papers I read much
about the so-called "flying discs" (or "flying targets") that
are said to be seen suddenly coming up in some states of your
country, and that are disquieting your publicity so much.

     I would like to examine more accurate the type that came
down near Roswell (New Mexico).

     Please, do also take this matter as serious as it _really_
is, and do not think it a vision.

     Just concerning this I am an expert.  I am very sceptically
as to the "calming-explanation" of Brigadier General Roger Ramey
and others, who say that these disks are merely meteorological
observation-balloons - or supplements of them -, etc.

     I am interested in this business very much, and so is the 
American Army, I am sure.

     In connection herewith and in order to explain my odd wish,
Excellency, I must inform you of the following:

     Since 1929 till the end of the war by the way as a hobby)
I occupied myself, - completely interested in sport only -, in
developing flying-models of all kind and shape, chiefly sail-
planes and rocket types.  Sailplane-soaring was and still is my
favourite sport.

     With my researches in 1936, among others, I met also the
idea of the "flying disks" and pursued it, considering it already
at that time once to be of any importance.  Later I searched into
the qualities of this model in connection with rocket-experiments,
and about the good result I was extremely surprised.  (nowadays
we could already use atomic power, too)  - I found, that my
models of a  "flying disk" - in smaller and bigger size - 

        1.) for the investigation of the sphere,
        2.) for military aims, and
        3.) for the air-traffic of the future

could and presumably will play a not too undervaluing figure,
and in many a point even it will be superior to all other planes
and rocket-projectiles, including the German "V-2 - rocket" you 
know already; for I think it possible, _manned_disks_


        1.) to fly every course we want, and
        2.) to and safely again, (what we cannot absolutely affirm
        3.) the most rocket-constructions know until today).

     I am ready to continue my researches and developments of such
a kind of disk-models and disk-planes (as well as still other very
interesting ones) _on_a_place_in_U.S.A._that seems fit to xx for
that purpose.

     Perhaps I may come and see you once to talk about some details

                                Respectfully yours,

                                   /s/  Ahuis

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