06-Mar-2007 Issue #12 (Final Issue?) of Barry Greenwood's U.F.O. Historical Revue (UHR) in PDF for is now available

07-Nov-2006 4 articles from the National Security Agency (NSA) publication NSA Technical Journal with "Extraterrestrial" in the title. (PDF file)

11-Aug-2006 - Survey of Kugelblitz Theories For Electromagnetic Incendiaries, Dec 1965, U.S. Army Edgewood Arsenal Chemical Research and Development Laboratories report on Ball Lightning investigation. Contains extensive bibliography. Kindly provided to CUFON by Michael Ravnitzky.

02-Feb-2006 - The releasable portions of Philip J. Klass' FBI file are available in a PDF file (3240KB) through the graces of Washington DC researcher Michael Ravnitzky.   Some fine text pages from the file are available in higher resolution to enhance readability. (1939KB)

24-May-2005 - Jan Aldrich of Project 1947 called to our attention that our display of Philip J. Corso's military records had disappeared from CUFON.  They are now restored.

14-Jan-2005 - It’s unclear why this poem "The Flying Saucer" appears in the March 1950 history of the 27th Fighter Group, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, but it does.  PDF Version

31-Aug-2004 - We welcome researcher Brad Sparks to our Contributor's Section. Brad provides a detailed rebuttal to Barry Greenwood's assertions re the Ramey memo in his UHR No.11

21-Jun-2004 - Issue No.11 of Barry Greenwood's UFO Historical Revue featuring comments on the Ramey Memo is now available in .PDF format. (requires Acrobat Reader version 5 or later)

23-Apr-2004 - Added six new entries to the CUFON Recommended Reading List

06-Mar-2004 - PDF version of Air Force Letter 200-5.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver. 5.0 or later)

25-Feb-2004 - Battle of Los Angeles and more. Extract from History of 4th AA Command, Western Defense Cmd., Jan 1942 to July 1945, Chapter V,  4th Anti-Aircraft Command history: “Defense Operations on the West Coast.” .PDF file (1440 Kbytes)

16-December-2003 - US Air Force Intelligence Guidance Collection Letter No. 4, 25 April 1961.  Instructions and guidance for reporting information in response to MOON DUST Alerts.
.PDF File

08-May-2003 - Available: Issue No.10 of Barry Greenwood's UFO Historical Revue: A New Age Dawning for Researching UFOs

14-July-2002 - Article: Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs?  by Donald A Johnson, Ph.D.  Available from the CUFON Contributor's Section.

09-Jun-2002 - Available: Issue No.9 of Barry Greenwood's UFO Historical Revue

03-Jun-2002 - New - UFO/Flying Saucer US comic book cover gallery

09-Sep-2001 - Available: PDF version of excerpt from: Environmental Control Systems Selection for Manned Space Vehicles (Vol II: Appendix I -- Missions, Vehicles, and Equipment, 1962) - section concerning "Lenticular Reentry Vehicle" - one of the documents from which the Nov 2000 Popular Mechanics article "Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer" was prepared.


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