Poem by Tech Sergeant Barnes, 27th Fighter Group, Bergstrom AFB, March 1950


It’s unclear why this item by Tech Sergeant Barnes appears in the March 1950 history of the 27th Fighter Group, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, but it does.

The poem expresses some ideas about flying saucers and frustrations in identifying the nature and source of the elusive aerial phenomena that existed at the time of writing, and still exist today.

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This item, and hopefully many more to come, is a result of the work of Michael Ravnitzky of Silver Spring Maryland.  Mr. Ravnitzky obtained a listing of over 500,000 still classified and/or restricted items in the holdings of the US Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. The good folks at The Memory Hole web site have made this list available to us all at:

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by T/Sgt Barnes
       March 1950

Hearing tales of little men
   and speeding ships on high.
Around me all most every day,
   I cast a weary eye.

Today I saw men gathered
   around the hangar door.
They said they saw a Saucer.
   A tiny ship they swore.

They pointed to the cloudless sky.
   “Past Vapor Trails”, they sigh,
I saw a faroff something,
   Shining in the sky.

We watched it hard, it seemed to move
   As vapors drifted by
I felt the strangest feelings
   Of course I know not why.

A weather baloon sent up to give
The weather for the day.
Some said a star that shines so bright,
We see it in the day.

Elusions, stars or man made things
   Ships from other planets.
We watched, we talked and wondered.
   But none of us could name it.

Because I could not give them
   The answer is not given,
What is the thing that shines so bright
   So far up in the heavens. 

                                  T/Sgt Barnes



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