CUFON Principles, Policy and Purpose
(and other notes)

The guiding principle which has made CUFON the fine resource which it continues to be is that we post ONLY verified and verifiable material, sometimes with a small comment. Our purpose is to provide solid material from which you can draw your own conclusions. Additionally, any conclusions drawn by readers are their own responsibility, as are ours, which are clearly marked as such when presented. We stand behind what we post, and very much want to keep it that way.

We strongly feel that inclusion of other subject matter, such as "new age" type material, dilutes and damages the validity of the clear evidence of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, often presented in the government's own words. Therefore, information lacking a recognizable relationship to the subject of UFO will not be posted on CUFON.

Although the verified documents and other solid information CUFON makes freely available may, in many cases, come in the form of government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, it is not our intention to discredit in any way any branch of the United States armed forces, their officers or personnel.

CUFON operates independently, it is not associated in any way with any other web site, computer bulletin board system, network, information service, or UFO or civilian interest group, and none should be inferred. CUFON may utilize information made available to it at no cost by UFO Reporting and Information Service of Seattle, Washington, USA, and others.

While CUFON was founded by Dale Goudie of Seattle Washington, who continues to be a leading presence, a large debt of gratitude is due to Jim Klotz for production of materials and the maintenance of the CUFON BBS, and to Chris Lambright for his contribution of research, writing, and graphic arts excellence in the realization of this CUFON web site

The file areas on this CUFON web site contain most files which were available on the CUFON BBS prior to July 1991, new items have been added and will continue to be added as they become available and are verified. Look for notices of new items and posting dates to judge the age of information presented.

In accordance with the guiding principles of CUFON, we will be providing interesting and fascinating insights into both recent and past cases that we feel represent the best examples of what has made the UFO phenomenon such a long-lasting topic of interest.

We welcome any comments and suggestions you may have about this home page as well as the material presented here.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING for new items, leads, and reports. We encourage anyone who has something to contribute to please bring it to our attention. We ask that information submitted pertain in some way to the UFO phenomenon and that it be fact-based. Interesting new items, facts pertaining to known cases and indications of military/intelligence agency involvement are of particular value.

We are also interested in ufo-related sites that represent the best in available information. In particular, we want to include those that strive to give you, the reader, unbiased, verified information which is presented well. We will not provide links to every popular site that exists, it's been our experience that most simply rehash the same material with no apparent concern for whether it has any degree of quality to it. If you have a page that you would like to see listed here please let us know.

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