The CUFONSM Interviews

The idea of the CUFON Interview was to get position statements on certain UFO-related topics from many of the people most involved in UFO research or active in the "UFO Community". I knew I could only ask a reasonable number of questions if I was to have any chance of reply. After all, this was an unconventional interview. The original idea was to play a ufological game of 'twenty questions', but after some painful editing, the list was trimmed to ten questions. Eleven if you count the request for biographical information as a question.

A list of recipients for the first round of interviews was drawn up, a letterhead for the interview was designed, and a cover letter explaining the interview was written and rewritten. Return envelopes were provided with address labels and postage.

The Interview was first sent to about 20 recipients in the 'UFO community.' The list of recipients will not be made public. Some people chose not to reply to the interview, some recipients declined to participate for various reasons, and some others had to defer participating in the Interview due to time pressures.

Great thanks to those recipients who chose to reply. The questions are not all easy to answer; some really make you think out your position. This takes both time and thought. Try answering the questions yourself.

... Jim Klotz




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